Portable & Cost Effective

Unlike other manufactured frame extenders which are cumbersome to handle or either utilize a "snap in" or "hooking" profile, the RWD extender trim is much more versatile and installer friendly. The Patented RWD Extender Trim is manufactured in a 200' continuous roll and shipped to the customer in our convenient dispensing box. This design had the installer in mind with easy material transport, material protection, and work-ability right out of the box.

A great feature is the ability for the customer to order their trim in either single or double edge taped. Ordering the double edge taped option allows the customer the capability of yielding 400' per roll by simply splitting the extender trim in half. The center pre-scored groove allows the installer to just fold the trim and snap it apart for 2 equal widths.

Installation is very simple, just pull the desired amount from trim box and cut to desired length. Decide correct width necessary and install on to window. For very detailed installation instructions and tips please review our installation page where you can print a copy for your installers. This is highly recommended and will save possible problems in the future.